Hotel ŠTEKL v srdci Českého ráje


Visit the wonderful region called the “Bohemian Paradise“, one of the most remarkable landscape formations in Central Europe. It was proclaimed a protected landscape area in 1995 and the ‘Hruboskalsko’ part was proclaimed a natural reservation in1999.

It is an area of unusual sandstone “rock towns“, pine woods, calm lakes and ponds, castles and ruins, unique folk architecture and many other points of interest.

You can go on all-day tours in this fairy-tale and romantic part of nature, or just for short walks in the the vicinity of the hotel. When looking at the map, you will find that the surrounding landscape is made for bike trips into the wide area, with a choice of routes according to their length and difficulty. Also, should you opt for swimming, there are numerous ponds in the charming countryside lined with rocky or wooded shores inviting for relaxation. The area is also great for lovers of sandstone climbing. There are almost all levels of difficulty at their disposal. Staying in Hotel Štekl will offer you all this and more so you can have a pleasant holiday or the weekend in 'Hruboskalsko'.

Hotel Štekl is ideally located in the heart of natural beauties, in the vicinity of the Hrubá Skála Chateau , just a 30-minute walk from the train station and the bus stop, and is also easily accessible by car.